GT Theatre Productions

Only Us - April 2022

A New Musical written by Charlotte Lawrence and Original songs by Carl Simpson & Steve Watson.

‘Only Us’ is a brand new musical produced by Gabrielle Tyler, written by Charlotte Lawrence with Music and Lyrics by Carl Simpson & Steve Watson. The story focuses on two boys; Elliot & Archie. Archie is openly gay, Elliot is still to come to terms with his sexuality. Archie’s best friend Gareth and Elliot's best friend Louise are often their shoulders to cry on, and the people that push them to live life to the fullest most often. Archie’s been raised by his Mum, Rosie after his Dad left a few years before and she too is one of his best friend’s. Elliot’s relationship with his Dad has been incredibly strained since Elliot’s Mother died when he was a little boy. Throughout the story, you’ll see the relationships with their friends, their parents and themselves unfold and develop, as well as their relationship with one another. They discover that the biggest obstacle in their path is themselves and how to get over that, too. 

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