GT Theatre Productions

We love to perform

Edward Wayland

(Cast Member)

Being part of GT Theatre Productions is the best part of my summer. Being able to perform and show my talents in a warm and comfortable environment is one of the best feelings you will ever experience. Everyone is so motivating and happy to help with anything that you want to progress in, that being singing, dancing or acting. Truly a brilliant experience that any young adult can do if they enjoy the performing arts. 

Bethany Morris

(Cast Member)

GT Theatre Productions is like my second family, most certainly when it comes to show week! You have highs and lows but to me, that makes the journey so exciting. You create such strong bonds with people from every single background and I can truly say that thanks to Gabrielle, I have made true friends for life. GT Theatre Productions is not only the place I can be myself, showcase my talents and tell the world 'This is Me' but it is also a place where my weaknesses won't be laughed upon and will soon be made my strengths. So thank you Gabrielle for giving me this chance to be who I want to be, within a company that feels like my second home. 

The Team

Gabrielle Tyler


Gabrielle is the founder of GT Theatre Productions. She created this company for young people to come and pursue their love for the arts and to also develop their skills. She has taken on many roles in a variety of productions and she has now taken the role of Producer/Choreographer for this company. Her aim is to grow the company as much as possible and make it an enjoyable experience for all involved. Gabrielle is also the leader of our 'Stars of Tomorrow' classes too. 

Wesley Laing

Technical Manager 

Wesley worked with us on our last production we performed as Sound Designer and Engineer and he really was a wonderful asset to the team. He also co-produced Evolution Live which was a great success. He is the Technical Manager for GT Theatre Productions so will be working on all future productions with us. He has been working in the technical theatre and live events industry since 2015 and has now founded his own company called Wesley Laing Productions.