GT Theatre Productions


Who Killed the Director - Murder Mystery

Saturday 24th September & Saturday 1st October 2022

This homage to the murder mystery play genre, is actually play within a play, providing the audience with the opportunity to be involved in solving a murder and one attempted murder.

The time is the present. The action takes place in a run-down theatre called ‘The Astoria’ in a fictional seaside town called Bickleton Bay. ‘The Bickleton Bay Amateur Dramatic Society’ (the BeBADS) are rehearsing for their forthcoming production, a play called ‘A Stab in the Dark’.

In Act 1, their play is two weeks from opening but rehearsals are not going well… and tensions are running very high!!

Before very long one of the company has two separate attempts made on their life and one proves to be successful.

During Act 2 Detective Inspector Wheeler of Scotland Yard is on the case, investigating the murder and cross-questioning all the suspects. This provides the audience of detectives an opportunity to try to work out who the criminals are on stage in front of them. They must look and listen for the clues coming in thick and fast and remember, at all times, that not everybody will be telling the truth.

At the end of Act 2 the audience completes its detection/verdict sheets and they are handed in.

In Act 3 the Inspector, by process of elimination, goes on to reveal who the guilty parties are and a prize is awarded to the winners. If more than one team or individual is clever enough to work this all out then the winner will be drawn from a hat.

So, if you enjoy murder mysteries and fancy having a go at being a detective yourself, then come along to this gripping and enjoyable show. It probably works best if you bring friends and/or family along and try to solve the crimes as a team.

Showtime Spectacular - West End and More 

Saturday 17th September 2022

Showtime Spectacular is a variety concert featuring a group of young people who love theatre. We promise to bring you an evening of entertainment with songs from the musicals and a few extras too! Come along and have a wonderful evening watching all the songs and dances that you love. 

Past Events:

Evolution Live​!! - Saturday 26th September 2020 - 3 pm!

A live stream performance produced and directed by Gabrielle Tyler and Wesley Laing (Productions).

Evolution Live is our first Live Stream performance which we have decided to put together due to the fact we cannot perform live in front of an audience just yet because of the current situation. We are so so excited about it and cannot wait for it to go ahead! It will include a variety of songs from the Musicals and different artists so there will be something for everyone to love! Head to our tickets page to find out how you can watch it live or on-demand! 

Showtime Spectacular - Saturday 28th August 2021

3:30pm & 7:30pm

Brightlingsea Community Centre

Showtime Spectacular is a variety concert presenting talent from singers, dancers, actors and a magician! There will be a variety of different songs and dances for you to see, including numbers from Aladdin, Dear Evan Hansen, 42nd Street, and many more!

Tickets are now on sale so if you would like to book any, click the 'Book Now' button below!